What you need to know to send information to PA OUTDOOR JOURNAL

Any and all information can be sent to PA OUTDOOR JOURNAL via any of the contact info on our contact page. The following will help send your items in a form we can most easily use.


  • Identify everyone in photos (such as “left to right are … “). Make certain all names are spelled correctly. You know them better than we do!
  • Want to ensure your photos get on our pages? Then SMILE! Try to have photos with nice or non-distracting backgrounds. Instead of taking a photo in front of your car, turn around and take it in front of the pine tree. Things like this make for a better photo. While photographing, please remove cigarettes and keep them out of the shot. Send a variety of photos: a close up of the hunter with the head of the buck, a shot of the hunter with the entire deer, and a shot of the hunter, his hunting partners and the deer. Mix it up. Variety is the spice of life. And finally, make the catch look good. Rinse the fish so gravel and dirt is cleaned off. Clean blood off of game. Make sure the tongue of the bear is in the mouth and not dangling toward the ground.
  • We prefer photos be sent as electronic files (PDF, EPS or JPG). Standard photos are also fine, but must be mailed. Photocopies will not work for us. A printout of an electronic file usually causes problems, because a lot of quality is lost in printing and the dots on the printing make enlargements of any kind iffy. Photos and other graphics should be sent as attachments, not embedded in an email or linked to a photo service.
  • When sending graphics (art for an ad or a photo of a catch), please send large files! Do not downsize a photo or artwork if it will transmit in its original size. If I have to downsize a graphic here, fine. But if I need to enlarge and the file size is too small, the degradation of the image won’t allow it. If the original file is 100k, don’t inflate it to 4MB and figure you are helping. It is wasted effort as you cannot increase “data” beyond what was originally saved.
  • All hardcopy photos are returned after use.


  • Articles can be sent as text files or hard copy. We do not return these. If you want to send an article, then please contact us first. We do not use all articles sent to us. A call or email before submission can help produce a piece we would want to use.


  • Have your name and phone number (and any other contact info) with your submission, in case we have a question.
  • The more information we have the better. If we have it, we may not use it. But if we don’t have it, we guarantee it won’t be used! What a fish was caught on, the hunting technique used and so on are all of interest. And please include a location. You don’t have to tell us where your honey hole is, but naming a watershed, state game lands, or even the county will help.
  • We use more than 95% of what is sent to us at this time. Most are used within 2 months.
  • We do not guarantee the use of any photo or material in PA OUTDOOR JOURNAL. We do our best to use them, but time of year, amount of other material sent, number of ads, and so on all impact use.
  • Submitting photos and/or articles is your guarantee that you have the right to send these and that they are not restricted from our use by copyright.
  • Submitting photos and/or articles gives us the right to use them in the hardcopy magazine PA OUTDOOR JOURNAL, on our website PAOutdoorJournal.com, and in advertising. These rights are not restricted to a one-time use.

Thank you for helping us make PA OUTDOOR JOURNAL an enjoyable and informative publication.