by H. “Bumper” Bauer

If you’re an outdoorsman who wears eyeglasses there is little doubt in my mind that you have run into these problems. The high cost of prescription sunglasses, expensive clip-on or flip-up types that never seem to stay on your glasses, never seem to return to the right position when flipped up and back, allow sun to glare through their edges, and worst of all, scratch the daylights out of your expensive lenses.

I thought I had found the solution when my optometrist suggested the new magnetic style sunglasses which are attached to your lenses by a little magnet near the hinges. The special frames needed of course are costly, but what other choice did I have? Did they work?


Oh, they did stay on better than the others as long as I was fishing on land. They were however a pain to take off and replace with wet hands and still allowed the irritating glare of the sun to enter on the sides of my glasses.

It all came to a head for me when I wore them while running my boat across a long lake.  As soon as I increased the boat’s speed and the resulting wind in my face pushed against them there it was – they, like the flip-ups, began rattling against my lenses like a BB in a box car, resulting in another pair of scratched prescription lenses.

My idea of fun is not squinting through scratched lenses in the sun while trying to tie a #18 fly to a leader not much larger than a piece of spider’s web. But regrettably I had about convinced myself it was something I was going to have to learn to live with. That is until I stumbled across an article in a fishing magazine about the Fitovers Eyewear available from Jonathan Paul.

To be completely honest I was still not getting my hopes up because I had seen similar products at flea markets and outdoor shows in the past. Although the product propaganda was good once I put them on, one thing or another had stopped me from buying them. Those I had seen in the past had terrible lens quality, were cheaply made, too heavy when put over my glasses, to big or too small, or made me look like I was wearing one of those trick glasses with the big rubber nose attached.

After checking out the Fitovers website and reading about their lens quality, the array of functional and attractive styles offered and learning that their design is patented, I decided that this product did in fact bear a look at. Using the sizing chart on their website I found a style that would fit over my prescription glasses. I chose the polarized lens type I wanted then ordered two pair – one with amber lenses, the other with Trilenium gold lenses that I felt would be great for fishing.

When the Fitovers arrived, I was pleased to see they came with a lightweight nylon case with a detachable neck cord and belt clip that could easily fasten to a ring on my fishing vest.

The real surprise came when I tried them on. They actually “fit perfectly” over my prescription eyeglasses. Their frames were not made of cheap plastic with sharp edges but rather a very lightweight smooth nylon frame. To my surprise, the quality of the PDX Polarized lenses were as good as, if not better than, any sunglasses I had owned prior – even those that had cost three times as much.

The real test for me came when I wore them fly fishing.


• Easy on and off.  Even with wet hands.

• There’s no smearing of the lenses when removing or replacing the Fitovers like the flip-ups or magnetic styles.

• Their side panels stop annoying side glare from the sun.

• They are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods. Wearing the Fitovers did not add an ounce of weight to my prescription glasses.

• They totally eliminated the constant need for repositioning of my glasses pulled out of position by heavier clip-on or magnetic sunglasses. For anyone who wears glasses we all know this has been a major annoyance with other styles.


None noted during this evaluation.


Since receiving my Fitovers I have found many other uses for them other than just wearing them while fishing. Nothing will give one a stabbing headache any quicker than sun reflecting off of snow. I wore my Fitovers while plowing my half mile driveway on my quad several times this year. I have to say the side panels were great when the dry snow was swirling around my head. They compeltely stopped the snow from getting in my eyes.

I also used them while riding my snowmobile and when doing a little cross country skiing.

I was also impressed with the fact the Fitovers remained in position when I shot several rounds of sporting clays wearing the pair with the Trilenium gold lenses. In fact I would go as far to say that the lens quality and color are comparable to a pair of expensive shooting glasses.

Because of their value, comfort and quality of workmanship I would recommend the purchase of the Fitovers highly to anyone who wears prescription eyeglasses.

For pricing and to see the complete line of Fitovers eyewear go to www.fitovers .com.•




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